Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 Mobile Things, Thing #14: Videos

I have to confess I don't spend a lot of time taking videos of any kind.  I'm not sure why; I've just always been more into photos.  But I do really like Vine.  I wish more people would use it -- especially for videos that do not need to be longer than 6 seconds.  There are lots of times when this is true at least with most of the videos I've seen shared by friends on Facebook.  :)  I can see how Vine would be great to give a very brief teaser for a library program or some new books being added to the collection or a new service -- really the possibilities are endless there.

However, I'm looking for something that I could use to make book trailers and promo videos for our summer reading program, so I wanted an app that allows you to make a video that's longer than 6 seconds.  After reading through the apps listed for this Thing, I decided to try Socialcam.  It was very easy to use and within 2 minutes of downloading it, I had already created my first, very short, video to test it out.  I can see how this would be a great app to use for all kinds of library stuff!

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