Friday, January 24, 2014

23 Mobile Things, Thing #2: Mobile Device Tips

I did upgrade my iPad to iOS7 so I was delighted to see all the tips and tricks.  However, I didn't really learn anything new.  Luckily for me I got to attend the MLA annual conference this past October and attended the awesome presentation "Things in a Flash: 40 in 60 iPad Apps & Tips" by LeAnn Suchy, the technology goddess!

One thing I really wanted to learn was how to make the keypad on my Galaxy S3 silent even when my phone ring volume is turned on.  I have my phone on silent all the time, mostly because I'm at work, but I even do it at home now because I just hate listening to the clicking sound!  And this issue is no longer solved by going under "Sound" in the Settings menu and unchecking the keytones option.  But, by completing a simple Google search I finally stumbled on the answer: 

It works!  I can have my ring volume turned on and still silently send text messages and emails to my heart's content.  My life is fabulous once again!  Hurrah!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

23 Mobile Things, Thing #1: Blogging & Registering

Today I completed the first thing, which was to create a blog and register.

My workplace provides each staff member with an iPad.  By completing 23 Mobile Things program, I hope to learn to love my iPad and use it more effectively.

I also personally own a Samsung Galaxy S3.  I will be using both devices for this program.