Wednesday, April 30, 2014

23 Mobile Things, Thing #18: Education

Oh my gosh, I am so excited about this thing!  I used to be a classroom teacher (2nd grade) and I still have loads of teacher friends so I will be sharing these apps with them.  Reading through them, it was very hard to choose just one and I am positive that I will be coming back to this Thing over and over and eventually trying almost all of them.  This is definitely my favorite Thing so far.

Because I had to pick just one and get this blog post written and because I'm super interested in what foods I'm putting into my body lately-- and trying to make better choices -- I tried the "Eat This, Not That" app / game.  It's very interesting!  The app works by showing you two food item choices.  You pick the one you think you should eat.  And then it tells you if you made the healthier choice.  If you play the casual mode, you'll get specific details about calories and fat, etc.  If you play speed mode, you won't, but it's more fun that way because you can earn points.  :)  I was surprised many times by which was the healthier choice.  Lesson learned:  bacon is less calories / fat than sausage.  Of course, I like sausage better...  sigh.

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